We don't make faster horses.

Firenxis is a Software & Technology Studio located in Santiago, Chile. Our business is making technological innovation happen.

We are different.

Innovation is at our core, and innovation is about going into uncharted territories. Our partners and customers are innovators, and so are we. Innovators are courageous people that accept uncertainty, while seeking unprecedented success. Going into uncharted territories requires flexibility, and disposition to change your original plan taking big opportunities when they arise.

Innovation is our business, and we embrace change as a natural part of every project.

We use lean & agile methods for managing and developing software.

We believe the classical software industry is deeply flawed, producing mostly bloated low quality underachieving software.

We are experts in Big Data and scalable architectures.

We have several years of experience developing and managing auto scaling solutions based in technologies like Hadoop, Solr and AWS. Our platforms crunch several billions of transactions each year.

Finally, we understand the challenges are hardly ever technological. Software is mostly about people.

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